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Okatel is owned and operated by Thanicom Inc, based in Massachusetts. We are an officially licensed e-commerce retailer for Okapi US, the owner of the Okapi brand. Our staff is committed to new and repeat customer satisfaction.

Professor Jean Bele, the founder of the Okapi brand.

We are a new mobile brand that provides affordable, high-quality products. Our products range from smartphones and tablets to accessories and more. Our roots are from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the Okapi mammal, unique to the DRC, embodies our logo and is the symbol of our heritage.

Quality you can trust

We offer reliable and reputable products in the market. These products come with the latest features and design that will surely make your life easier.

We strive to be the best

We pride ourselves not just on our quality products but also on our customer service. We make every effort to ensure that we provide you with outstanding customer experience.

Accessories for all your needs

Besides our wide range of products, we also offer a wide range of accessories such as cables, chargers, cases, earphones, and more! You can find all these at one place with us!

With an Okatel product in your hands, you’re always connected to people and events that matter to you!

In 2019, our founder Jean Mongu Bele, a native of the DRC based in Boston, founded the Okapi Brand with the aim of creating a national brand that will bring pride to the DRC & Africa and further develop the continent’s capabilities in production and technology. In 2019 Okapi started testing its phones in Kinshasa and in the U.S. to ensure product performance and collect preliminary user feedback. In October 2020, the brand introduced a series of first-generation Smart Phones.

The Okapi Smartphone Brand uses proprietary and unique technologies which allow Okapi to provide significant features such as a high level of dust and water resistance, facial recognition and fingerprint detection for some of its phones. The Okapi Brand is a game changer for Africa and the DRC, as in the future, Okapi aims to leverage the brand to create more employment on the African continent.

Okapi is already exploring opportunities to develop assembly and manufacturing capabilities in Congo. The future is bright with Okapi as we look to interconnect the world with a little African flair.



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